Monday, 27 April 2015

Ford, Leslie Roy - Private

(No soldier photo available)
2nd. Bn. 
The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
Died 2 July 1941
Age 22

On 8 June 1941 a British, Australian and Free French army invaded Syria to remove the proGerman Vichy French forces holding the country. By 22 June the Vichy troops were retiring towards Beirut after the capture of Damascus. On 27 June the 2nd. Queen's attacked 'Point 1634' on a steep hill, Jebel Mazar, but were pushed back to the lower slopes by heavy shelling and sniper fire. In a later attack they reached the summit but were surrounded and forced to fight their way out. They were again under constant artillery and mortar fire. After their gallant action they were relieved by the King's Own. The whole period had been spent in bare, rocky, country which gave every advantage to the defenders. Eleven men including Private Leslie Ford, were killed.

Leslie was the son of Frederick and Rose Ford. He was 22. He attended St.James' Church and School. On 5 October 1941 a service was held in St.James' Church to commemorate his life. The vicar, the Revd. G.C. Greenwood, was the preacher.

Leslie lies in Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery, Syria. There are 504 1939-1945 War graves in the cemetery. Leslie is buried in Row H, Grave 12.