Monday, 27 April 2015

Fenton, Alfred - Private

(No soldier photo available)
Pioneer Corps
Died 29 June 1945
Age 34

Private Alfred Fenton was, with several others, dismantling a German ammunition dump when it blew up, killing and injuring several men. The dump had been booby-trapped. Alfred was seriously injured and he was brought from Germany to Barnsley Hall Hospital, Bromsgrove, where he subsequently died.

Alfred was the son of Robert and Ellen Fenton. He was married to Winifred. They had a son, Brian, aged seven. Alfred was 34. He attended Helmshore Council School and worshipped at St.Andrew's Mission Church. He formerly worked at Lambert Haworth's slipper works, Waterfoot. Whilst serving in Italy he took part in a B.B.C. radio programme in which he described how the Pioneer Corps cleared the Salerno beachhead under constant German artillery fire. The work they did enabled the Allied infantry to break out of the beachhead and push on towards Casino.

Alfred's body was brought home and his funeral took place in St.James' Churchyard on Tuesday 4 July. The burial service was conducted by the Revd. C.C. Greenwood. Amongst the many floral tributes was one from his former colleagues at Lambert Haworth's and one from Haslingden British Legion. Alfred's resting place is on the West Side.