Monday, 27 April 2015

Frohock, John - Air Mechanic 2nd Class

(No soldier photo available)
H.M.S. Nabob,
Royal Navy
Died 22 August 1944
Age 20

On 22 August 1944 three fleet carriers and two escort carriers (one of which was H.M.S. Nabob) of the British Home Fleet, carried out an attack on the German battleship Tirpitz which was sheltering in Kaafiord, Norway. The attack was driven off by the German anti-aircraft barrage and the defending fighters. H.M.S. Nabob's four 'Wildcat' and 14 'Avenger' planes had just returned to her when a torpedo fired by U-boat U354 struck her on the starboard beam. Many men in the naval airmen's berthing space were killed. Air Mechanic John Frohock was one who lost his life. The Nabob was able to limp back to Scapa Flow naval base but was beyond repair and so was scrapped.

John was the son of William James and Mary Elizabeth Frohock.He was aged 20. Before John joined the Royal Navy he attended Ebenezer Baptist Church and Sunday School.

John is commemorated on Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire. The Memorial is on Marine Parade West, about half a mile from the town centre. It consists of a rectangular column of Portland stone bearing the inscription: 'These officers and men of the Fleet Air Arm died in the service of their country and have no grave but the sea. 1939-1945' There are almost 2,000 names. John's name is on Bay 5, Panel 3.