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Catterall, Henry - Lance Corporal (32772)

(No soldier photo available)
1st Battalion,
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment),
Killed in Action,
1st May 1917,
Age 21
Buried Athies Communal Cemetery Extension

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of our dear Son and Brother, Lance Corporal Henry Catterall, K.O.R.L., Regt., killed in action in France, on May 1st, 1917, aged 21 years.

"I little thought his time so short,
When he on furlough came;
When off to the front he bravely went,
Ne'er to return again.

Sad was my heart twelve months since to-day,
When I received news my dear son was killed far away;
Somewhere in France like a hero he fell,
And how my heart ached no tongue can tell."

From his sorrowing Mother, Sister, and Brother (in France).

"No more will he answer the roll call,
Nor rush at the bugle sound;
But Lord, when the roll is called in heaven,
May his name in Thy book be found.

Dear is the spot where our loved one is laid,
Dear is the memory that never shall fade;
Fond is the hope that again we shall meet,
Kneeling together at Jesus' feet. "

From his loving Sister Alice and Harry (in France)

"The face we loved is now laid low,
His fond true heart is still;
The hand we clasped when we said good-bye,
Lies low in Death's cold chill."

From his loving Brother and Sister in law, Joseph and Alice, and Nephews, 2, Thomas Street, Haslingden.

"Sleep on, dear brother, as the days go by,
No flowers can we place on the grave where you lie,
For the still waters do keep us apart,
But your ever dear face still will live in our hearts."

Lovingly remembered by his Sister Sissy and Brother in law Jim, and Nieces in Rochdale.

Sleep on dear brpother, a nd take your rest,
For God takes those He loves the best;
On earth there is strife, in heaven rest,
They miss you most who loved you best."

From his sorrowing Sister and Brother in Law, Mary and Tom, 183 Hudrake, Haslingden. 

"No pen can write, no tongue can tell,
Our sad and bitter loss;
But thou, O Lord, has helped us well,
To bear our heavy cross."

From his Mother, 173 Hud Rake, Haslingden.

"Two years have passed, our hearts still sore,
As time flies on we miss you more;
Your loving smile, your welcome face,
No one can fill the vacant place."

From his loving Brother Edward, and Lily, 173 Hud Rake, Haslingden.

"Two years have past and still we miss him,
Loving him dearly his memory we will keep;
Never till life ends will we forget him,
Dear to our hearts is the place where he sleeps."

From his loving Sister Alice and Brother Harry in France.

"Days of sadness still come o'er us,
Hidden tears, too, often flow;
Memories keep our loved one near us,
Though he died two years ago."

From his loving Sister and Brother, Siss and Jim, in Rochdale.

"We who loved you sadly miss you,
As it dawns another year;
In the lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are ever near."

From his Sister and brother, May and Tom.

"Those miss him most who loved him best."

From Jack and Lizzie.

"Two years have past and still we miss him,
Loving him dearly his memory we will keep,
Never till life ends will we forget him,
Dear to our hearts is the place where he sleeps.

Some day we hope to meet him,
Some day, we know not when,
To clasp his hand in the Better land,
Never to part again."

From his loving Sister Alice and Brother Harry (In France)

"In health and strength he left his home,
Not thinking death so near;
It pleased the Lord to call him home,
And in his sight appear."

From Joe, Alice and nephews.

"Fondly we loved him,
He is dear to us still,
But in our grief we must bend,
To God's holy will."

From Uncle Jesse, Aunt Ciss, and Cousins.

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