Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Law, Percy Peacock - Able Seaman (SS/2857)

(No soldier photo available)
Royal Navy,
Killed in Action,
15th October 1914
Age 25
Commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial.

Newspaper Report:

Serving on H.M.S. ship Hawke, which was sunk by a German submarine in the North Sea was a Haslingden man - Percy Peacock Law, son of the late mr. Dionysius Law, a well known licensed victualler, and nephew of Mr. W.H. Law of the Bay Horse Hotel. The relatives have been informed by the Admiralty that he was on the Hawke, and that he is among the missing.  Mr. Law, who was an able seaman, was 25 years of age.  He was the oldest son of the late Mr. D. Law, and has one brother and three sisters, all living in Haslingden.
He was a Naval Reservist, finishing his time two years ago, since when he has served in several liners, going several times to Canada.  He had just returned from a voyage to South America when the reservists were called up.  He immediately responded to the call. Another man who is amongst the missing crew of the Hawke had some connection with Haslingden. This was Mr. J. T. Molloy, qualified signalman, who in civil life was a member of the postal staff of the travelling Post Office between Preston and Aberdeen.  Molloy had done ten years with the Fleet, and answered the call on the outbreak of the war.  He has a sister, Mrs. W. Singleton, living at 4 Pine Street, Haslingden, who received a letter from him on Thursday of last week, in which he enclosed a remittance of his pay, sayhing it was no use to him where he was, on the Hawke.