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Hartley, Ernest - Private (235294)

Pte Ernest Hartley
2nd Battalion,
Suffolk Regiment,
Died of Wounds,
8th May 1918
Age 21
Buried Sandpits British Cemtery Fouquereuil

Newspaper Report:

Private Ernest Hartley (21), Suffolk Regiment, son of Private James Nuttall, (R.A.M.C and who has been serving in India for two years) and Mrs. Nuttall of 28 Peel Street, Haslingden, died from wounds received in action on May 8th.
Deceased was grandson of Mr. Richard L. Hartley, formerly of Makin Gate Farm, where he was brought up. He was formerly a weaver at Lock Gate Mill, but had been working as a labourer at Laneside Sizehouse for about three months when he joined up, two years ago last November.  He was connected with Laneside Church, and had been in the choir there.  He had been in the East Lancs until nine weeks ago, when he had been at Heaton Park for three months, having been wounded for the second time.
Private Edward Colman, writing to his sister at Haslingden says Private Hartley and some others were going up the line when they were shelled and he was wounded.  Death took place at a dressing station.  "He is to be buried tomorrow, Sunday, May 12th.  He will have a beautiful cross on his grave, and he will be laid to rest just as he would at home.  I want you to take this letter to his mother, and let her ready it.
That will be better than getting it from the war office first.  Tell her his grave is far behind the lines and that he will have a very nice burial."
An army chaplain, writing to the mother, says he buried the body in a little cemetery close behind the line.  "He gave his life for a great cause."  A lieutenant, also writing to the mother, says everything possible was done for the deceased.  He sends his deepest sympathy to the mother. 

Newspaper Memorials:

Private Ernest Hartley, Suffolk Regt., died from wounds sustained in action, May 8th 1918, son of Private James Nuttall (serving in India) and Mrs. Nuttall of 28 Peel Street, Haslingden, and Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hartley, 4 Heap Clough, Haslingden Grane and formerly of Makin Gate Farm.

"Afar he sleeps, the big guns roar,
Disturb his calm repose no more;
What though no mother's voice was near,
To soothe with love his dying there;
The cloud is past from that dear brow,
It glows in heaven's own brightness now."

From Father and Mother and Sisters.

"His heart was good, his spirit brave,
He slumbers now in a soldier's grave."

From his loving Grandma and Family, and Fred and Harold (in France), 115 Manchester Road, Haslingden. 

"Fondly we loved him,
He is dear to us still,
But in our grief we must bend,
To God's holy will.

Our sorrow is great, our loss hard to bear,
But angels, dear loved one, will guard you with care.
"He gave his greatest gift - his life."

From Mother, Father (serving in India) and Sisters, 129 Manchester Road, Haslingden.