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Entwistle, Thomas - Corporal (26788)

Cpl Thomas Entwistle
Royal Army Medical Corps,
Died at Keighley Hospital,
20th March 1918
Age 43,
Buried Holden Hall Cemetery, Haslingden, 25th March 1918.

Corporal Thomas Entwistle, 26788, R.A.M.C

Thomas Entwistle was born in 1876, the son of Edmund Entwistle, a Cotton Weaver, and Mary Entwistle, née Haworth. He lived in Helmshore, Lancashire. Thomas was a teetotaller. He played the big drum in the Helmshore Band but since he was only short, he could not really see over it. He also played the flute. He was a member of the Boys Brigade and then the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. One day, as a small child, his daughter cut her knee - a very deep cut - and Thomas got out some linen thread and sewed up the flesh. She still had the scar in her nineties. Thomas had two dogs - one, a St Bernard, wore a money box on its collar and Thomas used this to collect for charities. Thomas joined the army in 1914. Rather appropriately given his St John’s Ambulance experience, he served with the Royal Army Medical Corps. However, in March 1918 He was picked up in the trenches in France very ill and was transferred to Morton Banks War Hospital in Keighley, Yorkshire. His wife went to be with him. He died two weeks later, aged 42, on 20 March 1918. Thomas was brought back to Helmshore in a coffin covered by the Union Jack. His young daughter said (in a letter written in her retirement) that she was in shock as she loved her dad dearly. His funeral was only the second military funeral in Helmshore Cemetery. There were no vehicles - people walked behind the coffin. A cab drawn by a black horse with black ribbons tied to its mane came to the door to collect Thomas’s wife and daughter. The coffin was on a gun carriage covered with the flag, with Thomas’s army cap on top. (Information kindly supplied by his Great Niece - Anne Yates) 

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of my dear Husband, Corporal Thomas Entwistle 26788, R.A.M.C., who died at Keighley Hospital, March 20th 1918.

"The flowers we lay upon his grave,
May whither and decay,
But our love for him,
Will never fade away."

From his Wife and Children.

"Though death divides,
Fond memories cling."

Ever remembered by Robert and Elizabeth, 12 Smithies Street, Carrs.

Cpl Thomas Entwistle 26788 - Census Information - (Click over to enlarge)