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Tattersall, Robert - Private (23634)

Pte Robert Tattersall
9th Battalion,
East Lancashire Regiment
Killed in Action
6th January 1917
Age 37

Commemorated on Doiran Memorial

Newspaper Report:

Mrs. Tattersall, of 14 Pine Street, Haslingden, has received official intimation that her husband, Private Robert Tattersall, of the East Lancashire Regiment, has been killed in action in Salonica on January 6th.  Private Tattersall, who was 37 years of age, joined the army in June of last year and landed in Salonica in November.  On the Wednesday preceding the Friday on which Mrs. Tattersall received the sad news of his death, she had a cheerful letter from her husband recounting his novel experiences. He was a member of Trinity Baptist Church and was also a member of the choir, who at the memorial service on Sunday last rendered appropriate anthems.  Prior to joining the army he was a weaver at Grane Road Mill (Messrs. L. Whitaker and Sons), and he was greatly esteemed by all who knew him.  There is general sympathy with the bereaved wife and child, the latter a fine little boy of two years.  Mrs. Tattersall has received the following letter from Captain Chourne his commanding officer.
"Mrs. Elizabeth Tattersall.  Before you get this the War Office will have informed you of the death of your husband. I am sending you bhis pocket book and his pay book, which contains a copy of his will.  This was all the personal property I could discover.  Will you allow me, as his Company Commander, to tell you how sorry I am that he has been killed, and send my sympathy in your great loss.  His comrades have asked me to express to you their sympathy as well.  He was very popular with us all.
He was a brave man ans we shall all miss him.  He was killed instantaneously by the xplosion of a shell during an attack on the Bulgarians.  The shell burst on him and he could have knowin nothing and could not have suffered any pain.
As we were unable to take his body to our lines, he was buried near where he fell.  Please let me again express to you my sincere grief at your loss and again tell you how much I feel the loss of so good a man and so splendid a soldier."  One of his pals, Private Harry Crookes, also writes to Mrs. Tattersall on behalf of the boys and himself to say how deeply sorry they were at the death of her husband, who was caught in the back by a shell while they were attacking the enemy.  They were all proud that he had died as a hero on the field. The writer said he was pleased to say he had never heard Tattersall say a wrong word to anyone, and went on: "I am one of the old lads of his regiment, and your husband has not been joined with us long, but I can assure you of our deepest sympathy.  I shall be going home on leave before long, and I will make it my business to come and see you.  I hope you will keep a good heart in your great trouble.

Newspaper Memorial:

In loving memory of Private Robert Tattersall, East lancashire Regt. who was killed in action on January 6th 1917, aged 37 years.

"In a far distant land though his body may rest,
Far from his home and the ones he loved best,
Still in our hearts his memory we keep,
Sweet is the place where he now lies asleep.

We mourn for him in silence,
But with no outward show;
The heart that mourns sincerely,
Beats silently and low"

From his sorrowing Wife and Child, 14 Pine Street, Haslingden.