Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Here below is a list of all the brave heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the South African Wars and World War One and World War Two (WW2 link below). Please click over their name to bring up their own page of photo,reports and memorials (if available). Or if you prefer just to scroll through soldier by soldier, just click on the bottom right corner where it says "older post".  (Approx 490 soldiers in WW1, exact figure later)

South African War Soldiers

Names to be added shortly

WW1 Soldiers

Molloy, John Thomas - Qualified Signalman

Listed below are the "Fallen" dates against the names of the relevant soldier (World War 1).  Please click over the date to bring up the reports and memorials for the soldiers on that day.

24th April 1917 - Private Ernest Barnes (3888)
15th November 1916 - Private Ernest Howorth (31814)