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Camm, Frank - Private (37718)

Private Frank Camm
2nd Battalion,
East Lancashire Regiment,
Killed in Action,
22nd November 1917,
Age 24,
Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial

Newspaper Report:

Here on the left is a photo of Private Frank Camm, East Lancashire Regiment, who was killed in action on November 22nd, 1917.
He joined up on March 1st 1917, and went to the front in May.
His sergeant-major writes:- "It is with the greatest regret that I have to convey to you that your son, Private Camm, was killed in action.  I can honestly say to you that he died without any pain, as his death was instantaneous.  I must also say that in these times he is a great loss, as he was what I considered one of my old hands.  I convey my deepest sympathy to you in your great bereavement."
Private Camm, was 24 years of age, and single, and was a cloth stockkeeper at Britannia Mill, Haslingden.  His father and Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robert Camm, live at 15, Laburnum Street, Haslingden and his name is on Trinity Baptist Church roll of honour.

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of our dear son, Private Frank Camm who fell in action, November 22nd, 1917, aged 24 years.

"He was one of the Noble Thousands,
Who answered his Country's call,
In years he was young, in strength he was strong,
And he gave up his life for us all."

From his Father and Mother and Brother Harold.

"I have waited for his coming,
His coming home again,
But alas, my hopes are blighted,
And my waiting been in vain."

From his Sweetheart, Isabel

"Somewhere abroad he peacefully sleeps
Far from his home, and those he loved best,
Still deep in our hearts his memory we keep,
Dear is the grave where he now lies asleep."

From Uncle John and Aunt Nacny, Carrs.

"Shall we forget him, never, for love's bright golden chain,
Shall bind our hearts with him above, until we meet again."

From Bob, Betsy and little Jack, Cloughfold.

"To-day revives sad memories,
Of a loved one laid to rest."

From Harry and Ethel and little Allan, Queen Street.

"See the lonely mother weep, the heartfelt silent tear,
It slowly trickles down her cheek, for the boy she loved so dear.
Come, ask the reason of her sigh; why weeps she? What's her care?
She mourns her slaughtered son, that's why,
Show us the glory there."

From his sorrowing Father and mother and Brother, Lance - Corporal Camm

"He sleeps not in his native land,
But 'neath a foreign sky,
Far from those who loved him dear,
In a brave lad's grave he lies."

From Bob, Betsy, and little Jack, Sunnyfield.

"We little thought when we said good-bye,
We parted for ever and you were to die;
Oh, the grief that we feel words cannot tell,
For we could not be with you to bid you farewell."

From his Uncle and Aunt, I and N. Cowpe

"Often we pause to think of you,
And think of how you died!
To thi nk you could not say good-bye,
Before you closed your eyes."

From his loving Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins.

"Thy will be done," I faintly cry,
My aching heart must break;
I deemed him mine, but he is Thine,
And Him who gives can take."

From his sorrowing Sweetheart, Isabel.

"In victory's hour we will not forget,

Our gallant son sleeping,
In an unknown grave on the battlefield,
We will leave him in God's keeping."

From his sorrowing Father and Mother, and Brother, serving in France.

"Twere safe upon God's golden shore,
Not lost to us but gone before;
Where hope is perfect rest is sure,
And all is peace for evermore."

From his sorrowing Sweetheart, Isabel

"Links are snapped beyond repairing,
And the fondest chains are riven;
None can fill the void created,
But the gentle hand of heaven."

From Bob, Betsy and little Jack, Sunnyfield Farm.

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