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Barnes, Thomas - Private (40002)

Private Thomas Barnes
8th Battalion,
East Surrey Yeomanry,
Killed in Action,
30th April 1918,
Age 19
Buried Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension.

Newspaper Reports:


Private Thomas Barnes, (19) son of Mr. and Mrs. John William Barnes, of Higher Lane, Haslingden, was killed in action on April 30th, in France.  He belonged to the East Surrey Yeomanry, and was a runner at Company Headquarters.
He joined up on April 10th of last year, and went to France in April of the present year.  He had been only 18 days in the firing line when he met his death.
Before joining up he was employed at Hazel Mill, where he was well respected.  He was also a member of the boys brigade, and attended the Parish Church, where his name is on the roll of honour.  He has an older brother in hospital suffering from the effects of gas and two more brothers in law serving with the colours.
In a letter to the mother an officer of the company says:-
Dear Mrs. Barnes, - It is with much regret that I have to notify you that your son Private T. Barnes was killed in action on the 30th inst.
We were on our way up to the trenches when the enemy started shelling, and unfortunately your son was among the casualties.
He was killed instantaneously and poor though this consolation may be, it may be of a little comfort to you to know he suffered no pain. He has had a proper burial and now rests in a little cemetery about a mile and a half behind the trenches.
Everyone feels this loss in the company as we were all so struck with his smartness and cheery nature.  He had not been with us long, but I had him marked out as a runner on Company Headquarters.
I can only sympathise with you from the bottom of my heart, as I am sure he was a good son, ever as he was a dutiful soldier.


Private Thomas Barnes (19) son of Mr. William Barnes, 39 Higher Lane, Haslingden, and of the Surrey Yeomanry has been killed in action.  Brought up at Haslingden Parish Church, he was a member of the Church Lads Brigade. He was employed at Hazel Mill, when, 12 months last April, he joined up.  A married brother, William (26) who also was formerly employed at Hazel Mill, has served two years in France, but is at present in hospital.

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of Private Thomas Barnes.

"When last we saw his smiling face,
He looked so strong and brave,
And we little thought how soon he'd be,
Laid in a soldier's grave."

Beloved by his sorrowing Father, Mother, and Brother.

"Sweet be your rest, dear brother,
'Tis sweet to breathe your name;
In life we loved you very dearly,
In death we do the same."

Ever remembered by his Sister Lizzie and Brother Frank (in Salonica)

"Sleep on, dear brother, and take your rest,
For God takes those He loves the best;
On earth there's strife, in heaven rest,
They miss you most who loved you best."

With kind thoughts from his dear Brother Willie (in hospital), and Sister Lizzie, and Nephew John.

"His heart was good, his spirit brave,
His resting place a soldier's grave,
Without a smile, or a shake of the hand,
He's left us for a Better Land."

Not forgotten by his dear Sister Clara and Brother Jack (in France).

"The whistling sound of advancing shells;
Somewhere in France our dear son fell,
A white face turned to the pitying skies,
The shadow of Death, in his two blue eyes,
Stiffening lips, trying to pray;
'Twas a young life ebbing far away."

Sadly missed by his Father, Mother, and Brother Harold.

A brother and a friend we've lost,
To us he's gone for aye;
We've prayed to see him in his flesh,
But duty answered Nay.

And though on earth we ne'er shall meet,
Though ne'er shake hands again,
Our hope and trust is that we,
Shall meet in Heaven again."
"Fondly remembered"

By his Sister Lizzie and Brother Frank (still serving in Russia).

One year has passed and still we miss him,
Friends may think the wound has healed,
But little do they know the sorrow,
That lies within our hearts concealed."
"Not forgotten"
By his Sister Clara and Brother Jack (still serving in France).

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