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Ball, Joseph - Private (377631)

Private Joseph Ball
2nd/10th Battalion,
Manchester Regiment,
Killed in Action 9th October 1917,
Age 24
Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial.

Newspaper Reports:



It is reported that Private J. Ball, Manchester Regiment, was killed in action on October 10th, 1917, while preparing to advance.
In a letter to Private Ball's sister, Mrs. Black, of Haslingden, his platoon officer says:- "Your brother served under me ever since he came to the front.  He was always cheerful and bright, even in the most trying circumstances, and he often helped to keep up the spirits of others. He was a fine fellow, and lived a simple, straight, and clean life, and died doing his duty.
Private Hall was taking cover in a shell hole waiting to advance when he was killed instantaneously by a shell."
"I consider," the officer goes on to say, "that I have lost one of my oldest and most valuable soldiers, and I am sure his comrades think the same.  He was buried where he fell on the field of battle."
The deceased joined up twelve months ago, and has been at the front about nine months.
Twenty-four years old, he worked as a stripper and grinder at Lambert's Mill, Haslingden, for nine years, and is on Haslingden Parish Church roll of honour.
His twin brother is serving at the front, and last Christmas Day another brother fell in action.

Newspaper Memorials:

In ever-loving memory of Private Joseph Ball, Manchester Regiment, killed in action Oct 9th 1917.
"Dear Joe, I miss you as the days go by,
No flowers can I place on the grave where you lie,
For the still dark waters keep us apart,
But your dear face still lives in my heart.

Words cannot express our grief and our pain,
We would give all we possess to have you back again."

From his sorrowing Sister and Brother in Law, Maggie and Adam (in France).

"Oft I think of you, dear sweetheart,
And my heart is sad with pain;
All this earth would be a heaven,
Could I hear your voice again.

I who loved you sadly miss you,
As it is drawing another year;
In lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are always near."

From his Sweetheart Ellen.

"No pen can write, no tongue can tell,
Our sad and bitter loss;
But Thou, O Lord, has helped us well,
To bear our heavy cross.

But the hardest part has yet to come,
When the heroes do return,
And we miss among the cheering crowd,
The ones we loved so well.

Nobly he did his duty,
Bravely he fought and fell;
But the sorrow of those who mourn his loss,
Only the aching hearts can tell."

From his sorrowing Sister, Brother, and Brother in law, Maggie, Ben, and Adam (Both in France).
"May his reward be as great as his sacrifice."

"Plucked in the bloom of life,
And the pride of manhood's days;
To know him was to love him,
And his name was linked with praise."

Mr. and Mrs. Moses M. Ball, 325 Blackburn Road.

"Sleep on, dear brother, and take your rest,
For God takes those He loves the best;
On earth there's strife, in heaven rest;
They miss you most who loved you best."

From his sorrowing Sister in law Lizzie.

"He sleeps besides his comrades,
In a hallowed grave unknown;
But his name is written in letters of love,
On the heart of his sweetheart at home."

From his sorrowing Sweetheart Ellen.

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