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Ashworth, Harry Robert - Private (244901)

Pte Harry R Ashworth
4th/5th Battalion,
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment,
Killed in Action,
26th October 1917,
Aged 19
Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial.

Newspaper Reports:

(1) All the three sons of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ashworth, of 150 Bury Road, Haslingden, who were serving in the army have now fallen.
Harry (19), Loyal North Lancs., joined up in October, 1916, when he was 18 and nine months old.  He was killed on October 26th 1917. He worked at Grane Mill and was secretary of the Gospel Mission Sunday School.

(2) A memorial service was held at Haslingden Gospel Mission Hall, George Street on Sunday for the late Private Harry Ashworth, who was killed in action on October 26th 1917.  Mr. E. Sandham, of Haslingden, was the preacher, and took his text from the 34th Psalm and verse 15, "The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous." He made special reference to the deceased's splendid life, both as a civilian and a soldier.  He read a letter which had been sent to the parents by the officer commanding his regiment which showed the great respect in which he was held by all the company, as well as the officer himself.  Mr. F. Nuttall occupied the chair, and referred to the good work he (Pte. Ashworth) had done in the capacity of Sunday School secretary.  Miss A. Hewitt, of Baxenden sang the solos, "No Burdens Yonder," and "Meet me there."  At the close of the service Mr. Tom Holt, who presided at the organ, played "The Dead March." An orchestral band accompanied the singing.  The deceased soldier was in May presented with a silver wristlet watch by his captain for a plucky action.

(3)  Harry (19), Loyal North Lancs., joined up in October 1916, when he was 18 and nine months old.  He was killed on October 26th 1917.  He worked at Grane Mill and was secretary of the Gospel Mission Sunday School.

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving remembrance of Private Harry Ashworth, 2/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regt., who was killed in action October 26th 1917.

"He's gained true life by this life's loss,
And this our youngest son,
A better than Victoria Cross, 
The Cross of Christ has won.

Heart-aches and tears must blind our eyes,
But still his voice will come,
To call us to self sacrifice,
For God, for Right, for Home."

From sorrowing Father and Mother, Brother Harold (in Hospital), in France, Sister Dora, 150 Bury Road, Haslingden.

"One of the best that God could lend,
A loving brother and a faithful friend."

From Brother James (reported missing), Sister in law Annie, Nephew and Niece Harry and Ivy.

"Though he's gone he is not forgotten,
Tis sweet to breathe his name;
In life we loved him dearly,
In death we do the same."

From Brother John and Phyllis, 150 Bury Road and Syke Side Farm, Haslingden.

"In the bloom of life Death claimed him,
In the pride of his manhood days;
None knew him but to love him,
None mentioned his name but with praise."

From Uncle Enoch and Aunt Harriet and Cousins, 233 Blackburn Road, also Len (in France), Jack (in Hospital)

"Nobly he did his duty,
Bravely he fought and fell,
But the sorrow of those who mourn his loss,
Only the aching heart can tell."

From Uncle Harry and Aunt Marie and Family, 164 Bury Road, Haslingden. 

"Sad was the shock we received that day,
When one we loved was called away;
The grief was hard, but we won't complain,
But hope in heaven to meet again."
"Too dearly loved to be forgotten."

From his sorrowing Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane, 2 Towngreen, Haslingden. 

"Short and sudden was the call,
Of one so dearly loved by all;
His loving smile and welcome face,
No one can ever fill his place."

From his sorrowing Cousins, Tom and Lizze lambert, also Miss Eva Brennand,61 Cross Street North, Haslingden. 

"Oh, think of the long dreary hours he has passed,
Then think of him standing to-day,
Mid the glories of heaven in the presence of God,
Safe, sheltered for ever and aye.
"Too dearly loved in life to ever be forgotten in death."

From his sorrowing Father and Mother, 150, Bury Road, Haslingden.

"Oft in my eyes the tears will come,
But I smile and hide my pain;
Rest on in peace, dear brother,
Till the trumpet sounds again."

From his dear Sister Dora.

One year has passed but still we miss him,
His memory never can fade;
We think of him more each day that dawns,
And the sacrifice he made."

From Brother John and Phyllis

"He sleeps abroad with his brothers,
In a hallowed grave unknown;
But his name will be always with us,
His memory he has left at home."

From his loving Uncle Bob and Auint Jane, 2 Town Green.

"My memory often lingers as the shadows fall,
Back to days of happiness, days beyond recall."

One long Weary year has passed,
My heart still sad and sore,
Each day that passes on I miss him more,
Only those who have lost can tell,
A chum so dear I loved so well."

From Reggie, in France.

In affectionate remembrance of my dear husband, Pte. James Ashworth (East Lancashire Regt.,) who was reported missing, October 10th 1917, now presumed dead on that date, or since; also his dear brother, Pte. Harry R. Ashworth, killed in action, October 26th, 1917 also Private Harold Ashworth.

"Time does not change my thoughts of you,
Dear memories linger still;
Sunshine passes, shadows fall,
But true remembrance outlasts all."

From his loving wife and child, 141 Hudrake.

"There is someone who misses you sadly,
And finds the time long since you went,
There is someone who thinks of you often,
And tries to be brave and content.
It's grand to know we'll meet again,
Where parting is no more,
And that the ones are loved on earth,
Have only gone before."

From their loving father and mother, 150 Bury Road, Haslingden.

"When I think of my three brothers,
Whom my mother tended with such are,
Rudely taken from her bosom,
How it makes my heart despair.

Though years roll on they'll leave behind,
Their marks of pain and sorrow,
Yet they leave a sweet remembrance,
There is still a bright tomorrow."

From their loving sister, Dora, 150 Bury Road, Haslingden.

"For many years our family chain,
Was firmly linked together,
But oh, that chain is broken now,
Two links are gone for ever."

John and Phyllis

And when my days are ended,
And the call comes down the line,
Saviour grant that we may meet them,
Those three dear nephews of mine."

From uncle Bob and aunt Jane, 2, Town Green.

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