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Lake, Henry - Private (367606)

Private Henry Lake
1st/5th Battalion,
Cheshire Regiment,
Killed in Action,
28th March 1918,
Age 26
Buried Roclincourt Military Cemetery

Newspaper Report:

Notification has been received of the death in action of Private Henry Lake, (26), on the 7th of this month, one of the three soldier sons of Thomas Lake, 436 Manchester Road, and of Corporal Harry Clarkson (23) 432 Manchester Road, Haslingden.  Both were before enlisting cardroom hands at Messrs. John Warburton's Sykeside Mill, and had been pals from the time they attended together the day school at Ebenezer School, Haslingden.
They make up about a dozen of a group of pals in the Sykeside district who have fallen or been badly wounded and discharged from the army.  Three of these pals lived in the row of houses situate below the leven of the road at Bentgate known as Touch-and-Take these being Henry Lake, Harry Clarkson and Thomas Wm. Pilkington, who was killed about six months ago.  Others of the group includes Richard Pollard, recently appointed clerk in the Food Offices at Haslingden, James Whittaker, and John Higgin, (badly wounded).
Private Lake's two brothers still serving in the army are Dick (32) and Amos (22) and it is a sad concidence that he was killed on the day of his eldest brother's birthday (March 28th).
He was on the Haslingden Ebenezer Baptist roll of honour, was a quiet and good lad and a favourite with all, and was regarded as a most reliable workman by his employers.
The first intimation of his death received by his father and mother was from his lieutenant who wrote that he was killed instantaneously by a shell which burst in a trench that was being held.  The loss, the writer adds, will be felt very keenly by all with whom the lad came in contact, for he was cheery and bright and always willing.  He tenders the deepest sympathy of the officers, non commissioned officers, and men of the company.  Official notification of the death was received on Saturday. Private Lake joined up twelve months ago last November, and had been in France since about Christmas.  The eldest brother Amos, joined up a year ago last July. Having assisted Haslingden Temperance Band during the war period he is at present in the band at headquarters.

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of Private Henry Lake, who was killed March 28th, 1918.

"Not dead to those who loved him,
Not lost, but gone before;
He lives with us in memory still,
And will for evermore."

From the Family, 436 Manchester Road, Haslingden.

Death often comes to make us know,
We love more dearly than we show;
But love in death should make us see,
What love in life should always be."

From his Sister and Brother in law and Niece