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Hoyle, Percy - Sapper (211412)

(No soldier photo available)
Royal Engineers,
Died from Septicaemia,
18th July 1919,
Age 30
Buried at holden Hall Cemetery 23rd July 1919

Newspaper Report:

The funeral too place on Tuesday of Mr. Percy Hoy,e master painter of 14 Park Street, Haslingden, who was 30 years of age.  Deceased was younger son of the late Mr. James Edward Hoyle, for some time a member of Haslingden Town Council, and the founder of the firm of J.E. Hoyle and Sons, painters and decorators, of which firm the deceased was a member. Deceased joined the army in October, 1916, and served in the Royal Engineers.  On February 23rd 1918, he sustained a gunshot wound on the back of the right hand.  From May to July, 1918, he was at the Haslingden Auxiliary Hospital.  In July of the same year he was discharged from the army.  The septic poison never got clear from his system, and he was unable to resume work.  On June 24th he developed an acute attack of septicaemia which terminated fatally on Friday afternoon of last week.  Deceased was unmarried, was connected with Trinity Baptist Chapel, and was an auditor of the Haslingden branch of the Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Association.  He was an exceedingly popular young man, and his death has occasioned much sorrow.  The Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Association were represented at the funeral.  The service was taken by Rev. T.M. Johnson, F.F.

The mourners were: (1 coach), Miss Hoyle, Miss G Hoyle, Miss Isherwood, Mr and Mrs. Ernest Hoyle; (2) Mr. Isherwood, Mrs. Arnold Kay, Mr and Mrs. Ernest Hamilton, Mr. J. Tomlinson junr.; (3) Mr. F. Hindle, Sister Knowles, Nurse Brandwood, Mr. H.A. Rishton, Rev T Miller Johnson and Mr. Joseph Rothwell.
Messrs. T. Tattersall, Ltd., supplied the coffin and Mr. D. Rothwell the coaches. 


"With all my love to my loved one" Tyddle.
"To Percy with fondest love."  Mother Florrie and Gerty.
"To our dear Brother,"  Alice and Ernest.
"With love to dear Uncle Percy."  The Children, 16 Regent Street.
"With deepest sympathy."  Mr and Mrs. Isherwood, Regent Street.
"In loving memory of our dear friend." Ernest, Flossie and little Arthur, Great Harwood
"With deepest sympathy." Uncle and Aunt, Carnforth.
"With love and sympathy."  Alice and Frank
"In memory of Many Happy Days." Ernest and Minnie.
"With deepest sympathy." Ciss and Bert, Bacup.
"With deepest sympathy." Tom and Violet
"With deepest sympathy." Mr Holt, Etta, and John, Bank House.
"With sympathy." Mr and Mrs. Ashworth, Prestwich.
"With deepest sympathy and ever in remembrance." Mr and Mrs. Simpson and family, Accrington.
"With kind remembrance." Mr and  Mrs. Hargreaves and Norman.
"In remembrance" Cissie and Frank, Shaw Place.
"With deepest sympathy,"  Mr and Mrs. Sharples, Bank House.
"With deepest sympathy." Mrs. A. Kay Prospect Hill.
"In loving memory of Percy." Mrs. Kay and family, Wells Street.
"With deep sorrow." Mr and Mrs. H.A. Rushton, Park Street.
"Sympathy." Mr and Mrs. Rothwell, Spring Field.
"With deepest sympathy." Maggie and Mary.
"With deepest sympathy." The Gardeners Carter Place.
"In Loving memory of a dear friend." Gladys
"With deep sympathy," Mr and Mrs. Holt, Rawtenstall.
"With deep sympathy." Alderman and Mrs. Warburton.
"With sincere sympathy," Mr and Mrs. Cunliffe. Park Street.
"A token of sincere regret for service rendered." Mr and Mrs A.H. Hamilton and Tom.
"With deep sympathy." Tom and Harry Worsley.
"With deepest sympathy," Mrs. Barnes, Clara and Percy.
"With kindest remembrance." A.and H. Watson, Rawtenstall.
"With deepest sympathy," Employees.
"With deepest sympathy." Tenants, Albert Buildings.
"With deepest sympathy." Haslingden Master Painters Association.
"With deepest sympathy." Haslingden Tradesmens Association.
"In loving memory." Staff of Public Hall Hospital.
"With deepest sympathy." Patients and staff of Greenfield Massage Centre.
"With deepest sympathy." Discharged Sailors and Soldiers Association.
"With sympathy." Miss Cockcroft and Miss Howell.
"With sympathy." Mrs. Hallam, Union Street.
"With sympathy." Mrs. Baron, Park Street.