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Grimshaw, John - Private (242181)

Private John Grimshaw
2nd/5th Battalion,
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Died of Wounds,
13th September 1917,
Age 31
Buried Estaires Communal Cemetery Extension. 

Private John Grimshaw 242182 of the 2nd/5th Battalion Kings Own (Royal Lancasaster) Regiment, died of wounds sustained near Armentieres in France on 13 September 1917.     Formerly a weaver at Nicholas Tomlinson and Sons Ltd., Plantation Mill, Haslingden, he lived with his parents, Mr and Mrs George and Ellen Grimshaw, at 3 Whittaker Terrace. He was thirty - one years old and engaged to be married. He was a member of Grane Church Institute. His family were closely connected with St Stephen’s Church from the time it was built.     On 13 September 1917 Pte. Grimshaw’s battalion was resting behind the lines after an eight day period of action in the trenches at Houplines, near Armentieres. Whilst he and his elder brother Tom were on sentry duty together a stray German shell burst overhead. John was badly wounded by a splinter and died in hospital shortly afterwards. His brother was unhurt. A memorial service was held in St Stephen’s Church on Sunday 30 September 1917, the Revd. Edward Murdoch presiding. 

Newspaper Report:


Two Haslingden brothers who enlisted a couple of years ago in the Loyal North Lancasters, and who have been together ever since, have been separated by death at the front.
They are John and Tom Grimshaw, their parents live at Whitaker's Terrace, Grane Road, Haslingden, and when they were on sentry duty together John was killed. 
The deceased was a weaver at Plantation Mill, Haslingden, and was a member of Grane Church Institute.  He was in the early thirties.  Joseph, another son of Mr. and Mrs. Grimshaw, is in training with the colours.
A memorial servie for the deceased was held at Grane Church Mission Hall on Sunday night, when there was a large congreation, the vicar (the Rev. E.H. Murdoch) preached, and Mr. James Yates played "The Dead March."

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of Private John Grimshaw (King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment), beloved son of George and Ellen Grimshaw, 3 Whittaker's Terrace, Haslingden who died of wounds, September 13th 1917.

"We mourn for him in silence,
No eyes may see us weep;
But deep within our dwelling hearts,
His memory we shall keep.

Just two years ago you left us,
How we miss your loving face,
But you left us to remember,
None on earth could fill your place."

From his sorrowing father, mother, brothers, Riley, Thomas, and James

"I, who loved you, sadly miss you,
As it dawns another year,
In my lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are ever dear."

"One of the best."

From his loving sweetheart, Mary.

"We cannot forget him, nor do we intend,
We think of him dearly, and will to the end;
We mourn for our brother, in sorrow unseen,
He is with us in memories, of days that have been."

From his sister, Ellen, and brother in law, Thomas.

"We have lost, and heaven has gained,
The best of brothers this world contained."

From loving sister, Margaret Alice, and brother in law, Richard Dean.

"In our home you are fondly remembered,
Sweet memories cling round your name;
True hearts that held you in deepest affection,
Will love you in death just the same."

From Mrs. Green and family, 30 Every Street, Haslingden.

"He has gone from our sight, 'tis but for a while,
And with pleasure, though mingled with pain,
We will think of his sayings, and treasure his smiles,
And look to our meeting again."

From Annie and Edward and little Alan, 102 Manchester Road, Haslingden.

"Ever his memory will we cherish,
In our hearts a tender spot,
For his many acts of kindness,
Which will never be forgot."

From Lizzie and Alf, 208 Grane Road, Haslingden. 

"Could we have raised his dying head,
Or heard his last farewell,
The grief would not have been so great,
For those who loved him well.

And while on earth with us did stay,
He earned the crown he wears to-day."

From Father, Mother, and Brothers.

"We loved him, yes, no tongue can tell,
How deep, how dearly, and how well;
Christ loved him too, and thought it best,
To take him home with Him to rest."

From loving Sister, Margaret Alice, and Brother in law Richard Dean (in France)

"Just when his hopes were brightest,
Just when his thoughts were best,
He was called from a world of sorrow,
To that land of Eternal rest."

From dear Sister Ellen and Brother in law, Thomas, 15 Whittaker's Terrace, Haslingden. 

"weep not, dear sweetheart, but be content,
For I was only to you lent;
In love we lived, for my country I died,
You asked my life, but it was denied."

Mary Green, 30 Every Street, Haslingden.

"Too soon for us thy end has come,
We little thought thy course was run;
But God, who orders all things best,
Grant unto thee Eternal rest."

From Mrs. Green and Family.

"We pictured his safe returning,
We longed to clasp his hand,
But God has postponed the meeti ng,
Till we meet in the Better Land."

From Lizzie and Alf, 208 Grane Road, Haslingden. 

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