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Entwistle, John William,

Pte. John Wm. Entwistle
16th Battalion,
Devonshire Regiment,
Killed in Action,
2nd September 1918,
Age 19,
Buried Pronne Communal Cemetery Extension.

Newspaper Report:

Mrs. Entwistle, of 260 Holcombe Road, Helmshore, has received a letter from a lieutenant acquainting her of the sad news of the death in action in France of her son, Pte. John William Entwistle of the Devonshire Regt.
The letter is in the following terms:-
Dear Mrs. Entwistle, - 
It is with the very deepest sympathy that I am writing you on the loss of your gallant son Pte J.W. Entwistle who was in the company I was commanding on the day of his death, 2nd September.  I was not with him at the time of his death, but I hope some of his comrades will write you.
Two days after I was searching the ground for wounded, and I came across his body, and from it I should think he died instantly.  I took out of his pocket a Sunday school card and some stamps.  I thought you would like to know the lad treasured his connection with his Sunday school.  His other personal belongings will reach you through official channels.
He was of a wonderfully bright and willing disposition, and a splendid soldier, and his death is a loss to my company.  His will, as made out in his paybook, left everything to you alone.
With deepest sympathy, I am yours very sincerely.
WALTER C. FARMER, Lieut.16 (R.D.Y.) Batt. Devon Regt.

Private Entwistle joined up at the age of 18 1/2 years, and was sent out to Egypt, where he remained seven months.  Later he was returned to France, and was killed in action on September 2nd last.
Prior to joining the colours the deceased was employed by Messrs. J. Barlow and Sons, Helmshore and was connected with Musbury Church. He was the youngest of three brothers, the two now remaining both being on active service, one in France, and the other in East Africa.

Newspaper Memorials:

In sad and loving memory of my dear Son, Pte. J.W. Entwistle, Devonshire Regt., Killed in Action September 2nd in his 20th year.

"Could I, his mother, have clasped his hand,
Or raised his dying head,
Have kissed his brow when death was nigh,
Or heard his last farewell.
The pain would not have been so hard,
To one who loved him well."

Sadlly missed by his sorrowing Mother, Holcombe Road, Helmshore.

"Somewhere abroad in a soldier's grave,
Lies our dear brother amongst the brave,
His war is o'er, his sun has set,
But those who loved him will ne'er forget.

Ever remembered by his Sister Polly, and his Brother Bob in France.

"Sleep on, dear brother, in a soldier's grave,
Your life for your country you nobly gave,
None of us were near you to say Good-bye,
But safe in God's keeping now you lie."

Ever remembered by his Brother and sister in law, Tom and Linda, 9 Musbury Road, Helmshore.

"When last we saw his smiling face,
He looked so strong and brave,
We little thought how soon he'd be,
Laid in a soldier's grave."

Ever remembered by his Aunt, Uncle and Cousins, 247 Blackburn Road, Haslingden.

"We pictured his safe returning,
We longed to clasp his hand, 
But God has postponed the meeting,
Till we meet in the Better lands."

From Uncle and Aunt, Weir Foot, Helmshore and Cousin Jim (in Mesopotamia) and Mary.

"When alone in my sorrow, and bitter tears flow,
There stealeth a dream of sweet long ago;
But unknown to the world you stand by my side,
And whisper these words, "Death cannot divide."
"A beautiful memory left behind."

Sadly missed by his sorrowing Sweetheart, Lizzie, 275 Blackburn Road, Haslingden.

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