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Waring, Joseph Arthur - Private (16478)

Pte Joseph A Waring
King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment,
Died: 10th August 1915,
Age 20

Helles Memorial.

Newspaper Report:

We have received information that Private Joseph Arthur Waring, of the "King's Own", has been missing since August of last year, and in the absence of more recent information there are grave apprehensions that the worst has happened to him.  The Sergeant Major of his Company, writing to Mrs. Waring in February of this year, said he deeply regretted to state that on the 10th of August 1915, her son was wounded and so far as he could gather he lay almost in the Turkish lines.  The stretcher bearers tried to reach him but could not do so owing to the heavy fire that was poured into them.  The only hope for him would be if the Turks took him in hand, and if the tope was fulfilled that he was a prisoner, there would be the consolation of knowing that the Turks were humane in their treatment of the few wounded prisoners that fell into their hands, and if he was a prisoner they could depend on better treatment from the Turks than from the Germans.  
It was a hard but glorious three days fight and it had shown the Turks that the lancashire Brigade belonged to the old Lancashire breed.  They were greatly outnumbered, but not an inch of ground would they yield to the Turks.  If the worst came to the worst they could point to the fact that he was not amongst those who had stayed at home.
Private Waring, who was about 20 years of age, was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waring of 5 Carr Mill Street, Haslingden.  He was in the "Kings Own" and prior to enlistment he was connected with Wesley Church, Blackburn Road, at which a memorial service is to be held.

Newspaper Memorial:

In loving memory of Pte. Joseph Waring (No. 16478, K.O.R.L.), presumed killed on the 10th July 1915.

"Dearer to memory than words can tell
Are thoughts of him we loved so well.

From his sorrowing father, mother, sisters and brothers in law.