Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Warburton, John James - Private (102233)

(No soldier photo available)
Royal Army Medical Corps
Died 15th April 1917 (drowned at Sea)
Age 26 Mikra Memorial

Newspaper Report:

Several Haslingden men were on board a transport vessel recently announced as sunk by submarine.
One of them was Private John James Warburton, R.A.M.C., who is believed to have been lost.  Private Warburton was about 26 years of age, single, and served his time as a painter with Mr. J.T. Green, and was afterwards in the employ of Mr. Richard Whittaker.  He was connected with Haslingden Temperance Band, for which he rendered good service.  He enlisted eighteen months ago.
Amongst the men saved are a son of Mr. Fred Teasdale of Peel Street, and Private John Edward Cooper, R.A.M.C., whose wife sand children live at Sunnybank Street, Haslingden.  In a letter received by his wife Private Cooper says he and ten others managed to hold of a small raft, and after being in the water four or five hours they were picked up by a French boat.  He cannot speak too s highly of the French sailors, who did everything they could for them.  The scene that followed the torpedoing of the vessel was terrible, and he does not want to witness another like it.  Many of the survivors lost everything, and Private Cooper says that to see how some of them were dressed at the time of writing would make anyone laugh.

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of our dear Son, Pte. John J. Warburton, of the R.A.M.C., who was lost in the Eastern Mediterranean, April 15th 1917.

"One year has passed since that sad day,
When one we loved did pass away;
God took him home, it was His will,
But in our hearts he liveth still.

"Too dearly loved to be forgotten."

From Father, Mother, and Grandmother, 511 Manchester Road, Haslingden.

In loving memory of our dear Brother, Pte. John J. Warburton

"Sweet be your rest, brother dear,
Tis sweet to breathe your name;
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same"

From his loving Sister and Brother in law.

"Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be in the Better land,
We'll read the meaning of our tears,
And then, ah ten we'll understand".

From his Aunt Nancy

"Laid in ocean's quiet bed,
Calmly now the words we say;
Till the sea gives up her dead,
Till the Resurrection Day,
Father, in Thy gracious keeping,
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping".

From Mr and Mrs. Joshua Warburton, and Family, Waterside House, Haslingden

"He sleeps in the deep."

From his Uncle and Aunt and Albert

"Some day we hope to meet him,
Some day we know not when
To clasp his hand in the Better land,
Never to part again.

From Father and Mother, Sister and Brother In Law

"Not gone from memory nor from love,
But gone to our Father's home above"

From Father, Mother and Sister, 511 Manchester Road, Haslingden.