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Walsh, John Virald - Lance Corporal (40267)

Lce Corp John Virald Walsh
20th Battalion,
Manchester Regiment,
Died 18th September 1918
Age 23

Bordighera British Cemetery

Newspaper Report:

A letter has been received from an Army Chaplain of the death in an Italian Hospital of Lance Corporal Verald Walsh, Manchester Regiment, and whose parents reside at Commerce Street, Carrs, Haslingden.

The following is a text of the letter sent by the chaplain:- September 20th 1918.

"Dear Mrs. Walsh,  You will have heard already of the very sad news about your boy.  I am very sorry for you and you have my deepest sympathy.  I think perhaps you will value a few lines from me as I was constantly with him for the last few days of his illness.
The Army Chaplain attached to the hospital had gone to England, and I was in charge of his work - I am the regular English Chaplain here and am also acting as an additional chaplain to the forces.
I should first like to tell you that if any human skill or nursing could have saved him he would still be here.  Never in all my experience have I seen anyone tended with greater care and love than your boy was.  The nurses were indefatigable and, not that it made much difference, your boy was a general favourite.  I think perhaps they did more for him than they would for another ordinary patient.  His doctor was just the same, and during the five days when he made such a strong, brave fight no possible effort was spared.  I used to see him myself three or four times a day, going before 7am and 9.30pm each day besides the morning and afternoon visits.
We had prayers regularly and when he was conscious he evidently greatly appreciated it.  He was a real good lad and I can't help thinking that but for his ill luck in having had three previous illnesses he would have fought through.  He was always good and did everything he could to help his nurses.
I laid him to rest yesterday and the nurses who had been specially with him came to the funeral.  Later on I will send you a photo of the grave where he lies.
Again let me express my sympathy and my own sorrow".

Newspaper Memorials:

"Until the day dawns"

In our home he is fondly remembered,
Sweet, happy memories cling round his name;
True hearts that held him in deepest affection,
Will remember him in death just the same

Sadly missed from his father, mother and sisters, 29 Commerce Street, Carrs, Haslingden.

"Days of sadness still come o'er us,
Tears in silence often flow
Thinking of the day we lost you,
Just twelve months ago.

His memory is as fresh today,
As in the hour he passed away,

From his dear brother harry and sister in law, Alice; and his niece, May.

May the heavenly winds blow softly,
O'er the sweet and hallowed spot;
Though the sea divides his grave and us,
He never will be forgot.
"A day of remembrance, sad to recall."

From his dear brother, Tom, and sister in law Eva.

God knows how much I miss you,
More than loving words can tell;
Not one day have I forgot you,
Since you bade this world farewell..
"One of the best".

Sadly missed by Lizzie, 125 Grane Road.