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Pyle, John - Private (21709)

Private John Pyle
9th Battalion,
East lancashire Regiment
Killed in Acrtion
13th September 1916
Age 22
Commemorated Doiran Memorial

Newspaper Report:

Information has been received this week of the death in action of Private John Pyle, son of Mr and mrs. William Pyle, 18 Heys Street, Haslingden.  He belonged to the East Lancashire Regt., and had been at the front only three weeks.  The notice intimates that he died at a place not stated on September 13th, and was killed in action.  He was 22 years of age last January. He enlisted nearly twelve months ago, and was previously a spinner at Carr and Parker's Mill.  He was brought up at the Parish Church, which he regularly attended.  A brother of the deceased, Private George Pyle (26) was killed in action fifteen months ago.  The parents received a letter from the deceased dated September 11th.  Another brother, William Arthur Pyle (25) is also in the Army, while the father's sister (Mrs, May, of Barry near Cardiff) has lost two sons in the war, the eldest being drowned and the other being killed in action.  

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of Private John Pyle, East Lancashire Regiment, who was killed in action at Salonica, Septemner 13th 1916.

"A loving brother, true and kind,
No brother on earth like him we find;
For every one he did his best,
May God grant him Eternal rest."

From his loving Brother Arthur, serving in Salonica, and his Sisters in law Florrie and Maria.

"He sleeps besides his comrades,
In a hallowed grave unknown;
But his name is written in letters of love,
In the hearts he left at home.

May the heavenly wind blow softly,
On that sweet and hallowed spot,
Though the sea divides his grave from us,
He will never be forgot."

Sadly missed by his dear Father and Mother.

"Somewhere abroad in a soldier's grave,
Lie two dear brothers among the brave;
From eartly cares to heavenly rest,
Missed by those who loved them best.

No loved ones stood beside them,
To hear their last farewell;
No words of comfort could they have,
From those who loved them best."

From Brother and Sister.

"How can I cease to pray for thee? Somewhere
In God's great universe thou art to-day;
Can he not reach thee with His tender care.
Can He not hear me when for thee I pray.

"What matters it to Him who holds within,
The hollow of His hand all worlds, all space.
That thou art done with earthly pain and sin?
Somewhere within His ken thou hast a place.

Somewhere thou livest, and hast need of Him;
Somewhere thy soul sees higher heights to climb;
And somewhere still there may be valleys dim,
That thou must pass to reach the hills sublime!

Then all the more, because thou canst not hear,
Poor human words of blessing, will I pray,
O, true brave heart; God bless thee, where- so'er,
In God's great universe thou art today.

From his loving Father and Mother, Sister and Brother, William Arthur (in Palestine).

"None knew how sad the parting,
Nor what the farewell cost;
But God and His holy angels,
Have gained what we have lost.

Short and suddedn was the call,
Of him so truly loved by all;
His memory will be ever dear,
For him we shed a silent tear.

Sadly missed by his sorrowing father, mother, brothers and sister.

"God bless him, he was one of the best.

"His duty nobly done,
Eternal place now won."

"Two loving sons and brothers dear,
And faithful firneds when they were here;
They lived in hope and died in peace,
We hope their joys will never cease.

From loving father and mother, brothers and sister.