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Pearson, Percy - Private (11306)

Pte Percy Pearson
2nd Battalion,
East Lancashire Regiment,
Died of Wounds 5th August 1917
Age 18
Buried St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen

Newspaper Report:



The sympathy of the borough will go out to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pearson, of 4 Rock Street, Haslingden, in the double blow they have now sustained by the war. On Tuesday they received a telegram that their fourth son, Private Percy Pearson, East Lancashire Regiment, died of wounds at the front on August 5th 1917.
The deceased enlisted at the age of 15 when the war broke out, and was in the Lancashire landing at the Dardanelles, being wounded on August 6th 1915.  He was invalided to England in September, 1915, but in January, 1916 he went to Salonica.  After being there three months he was returned to England on account of his age, but in the following October he volunteered, after his brother Albert was killed in action on September 13th 1916.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson have had three sons in the war.  The eldest, Private Albert Pearson, Lancashire Fusiliers, was a regular soldier, had served two years in India before the war, and came home for five days before going to the Dardanelles, where he was wounded.  He took part in the Lancashire landing at the Dardanelles and from there he was sent home on 10 days sick leave.  He then went to Salonica and the Suez Canal, and from there to France.  One other son, Driver Harry Pearson, joined the army just before he was 17, and he has been at the front over two years.  He was in hospital in May last.  Mr. Pearson's youngest brother, Albert Pearson, formerly a grocer at Manchester, is also serving in France.
Mr. Pearson himself is better known as P.C Pearson and a few months ago he was granted superannuation on completing 25 years in the County Constabulary.  He has been in Haslingden 16 years, and has been drill instructor for the division for 14 years.  He is also drill instructor to the Haslingden Special Police, of which Mr. Tom Worsley is commander, and at the request of Superintendent Fyfe Mr. Pearson consented to join the "specials."  Mr. Pearson is also drill instructor to the local Fire Brigade.  He was a soldier before joining the Police Force.  He was in the Scots Guards, and served in the South African War.

Newspaper Memorials:

In sad but loving memory of Private Percy Pearson, who died in France of wounds 5th August, 1917; also Pte. Albert Pearson who was killed in France 13th September 1916.

"Greater love hath no man than to give his life for his brother."
Time may heal the broken hearts,
Time may make the wound less sore,
But time will never heal the longing
For the loved ones gone before."

From Father and Mother, Sisters and Brothers, 4 Rock Street, Haslingden.

"I often think of the days gone by,
When we were all together;
A shadow o'er my life is cast,
My two brothers gone for ever."

From their Brother, Signaller Harry Pearson.

Ever remembered by their Godmother, Mrs. Lord, Springfield, Bradford.