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Parkinson, George - Private (13855)

Private George Parkinson
9th Battalion,
East Lancashire Regiment,
Died of Wounds,
18th September 1916,
Age 20
Buried Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery.

Newspaper Report:

In our issue of last week we published notification of the death, from wounds received in Salonika, of Private George Parkinson, son of Mr. J.J. Parkinson, 10 Well Bank, Haslingden.
The deceased who was 20 years of age, enlisted in the East Lancashire Regiment on September 10th 1914, and his death in the service of his country took place on September 18th of this year.
He was formerly a weaver at Spring Vale Mill, and attended the Haslingden Christian Mission (Townsend Street).

Newspaper Memorials:

In loving memory of Private George Parkinson, age 20, who died of wounds September 17th, 1916 at Salonika.

"Never a day but your name is spoken,
Never an hour but you are in our thoughts,
A link in our family chain is broken,
You have gone from our home but not from our hearts."

"Too dearly loved to be forgotten."

From the Family, 3 Thomas Street; also his Brothers, Albert james and Jack, in Salonica.

"So gentle in nature, so patient in pain,
Our dear brother left us, heaven to gain;
With heart so loving and actions so kind,
'Tis hard in this world his equal to find."

From his loving Sister and Brother in law Maud and Sam.

"What peaceful hours we once enjoyed,
How sweet their memory still;
But they have left an aching  void,
The world can never fill."

From his loving Sister and Brother in Law, Polly and Hargreaves.

"Just a year ago you left us, George,
How we miss your loving face;
But you left us to remember, 
None could ever take your place."

From his loving Sister and Brother in Law Kate and Harry.

"Softly at night the stars are gleaming,
Upon a silent grave,
Where there sleepeth without dreaming,
One we loved but could not save.

Sleep on, dear brother, and take your rest,
For God takes those He loves the best;
On earth there's strife, in heaven rest,
They miss you most who loved you best."

Deeply mourned by his Sister and Brother in Law Emily and Dick.

"He nobly answered duty's call,
He gave his life for us and all;
But the unknown grave is the bitterest blow,
None but an aching heart can know."

"Deeply mourned" by the Family.

"Only those who have lost a loved one,
Know the bitterest of death."

From his sorrowing Sisters and Brothers.

"No one he loved was by his side,
To hear his last faint sigh,
Or whisper just one loving word,
Or even say good-bye."

From the Family, 9 Wilkinson Street

"A silent string in memory's heart,
Is sadly touched to-day,
Remembrance of a lovely flower,
That never fades away."

Ever remembered, Sam and Maud, 8 Norwich Street, Rochdale.

"Time may pass from year to year,
Friends from day to day;
But ever will the brother we loved,
From memory fade away."

Hargreaves and Polly, 81 Grane Road

"We cannot forget him, nor do we intend,
We think of him daily, and will to the end;
We mourn in silence and sorrow unseen,
And dwell in the memory of days that have been."

Kate and Harry, 226 Blackburn Road

"Till memory fades and life departs,
He will for ever live in our hearts,
"Fond memory lives though he's at rest."

Ever remebered, Eda and Jack, 1 Melton Street, Rochdale

"Just when his days were brightest,
Just when his hopes were best,
He was called from this land of sorrow,
To that beautiful land of rest."

From Emily and Sissy, 278 Blackburn Road

"He was one of the noble thousands,
Who answered his country's call;
In years he was young, in strength he was strong,
And he gave up his life for us all.

A day of remembrance sad to recall,
Killed by a shell, in sorrow we tell,
And what he suffered no one can tell,
He did his bit and did it well."

"Too dearly loved to be forgotten."

From the family, 3 Thomas Street, also his brothers james and Jack (in France)

"May heavenly winds blow softly,
On that sweet and hallowed spot;
Though the sea divides his grave from us,
He will never be forgot.

Dearer to memory than words can tell,
Are thoughts of you we loved so well."

Ever remembered by Polly Hargreaves

"We mourn for him in silence,
And not with outward show;
For those who mourn sincerely,
Mourn silently and low."

"Gone, but not forgotten."

From Kate and Harry.

"Shall we forget him? Never!
For love's bright, golden chain,
Shall bind our hearts with him above,
Until we meet again."

From his loving sister and brother in law Maud and Sam.

"As we loved you, so we miss you,
And our memory fondly strays,
To a spot unknown, but sacred,
To our dear brother's honoured grave,"

Sadly missed by his sister and brother in law Emily and Dick. 

"Two years have passed since that sad day,
When one we loved was called away;
A brother good, a brother kind,
A beautiful memory left behind.

We pictured his safe returning,
We longed to clasp his hand;
But God has postponed the meeting,
Till we meet in the the Better Land."

From the Family, 3 Thomas Street, also his Brothers Albert, Jim and Jack (In France).

"Somewhere abroad he peacefully rest,
Far from his home and those he loved best;
Still deep in our hearts his memory we keep,
Dear is the place where he now lies asleep."

Deeply mourned by his Sister and Brother in law, Emily and Dick

"We who loved you sadly miss you,
As it dawns another year;
In our lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are always near."

Ever remembered by Polly and Hargreaves.