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Whittaker, Moses - Private

Pte Moses Whittaker
2nd Battalion,
East Lancashire Regiment, 
Died 8th July 1916,
Age 26

Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery

Newspaper Report:

Official notification has also been received of the death of Pte. Moses Whittaker, of 177, Blackburn Road, who while engaged with the East Lancashires on July 8th received mortal wounds on behalf of his Country.  Private Whittaker, who was a promising young man of 26 years of age, was, prior to enlistment, a weaver at Grove Mill, and he also was associated with Haslingden Parish Church and School.  In his fainal letter to his parents, written before his fatal engagement, he thankfully acknowledges the receipt of a registered letter and parcel and asks his parents not to worry about his foot as it is all right and he his not in hospital.  He expresses the belief that the war will not last much longer, and asks his parents to keep their heart up, "for I shall not be long before I shall be coming home if it is my luck to come through alright, which I am expecting to do, and then we will have a lively time of it.  By the time you receive this I shall be in the trenches again doing my duty.  If you do not hear from me for a fortnight do not worry, for we shall be very busy here."  The Chaplain, writing to Mrs. Whittaker, says:- "It is with the deepest regret that I report to you the death of your son on July 8th.  Hisfuneral was arranged for the afternoon of the same day.  It will be a comfort to you to know that he received every possible attention and comfort from the doctors, nurses, and orderlies of the field ambulance unit.  He is buried in the cemetery attached to the town, and a cross has been erected at the head of his grave.  I know this letter will fill your heart with a deep rief, and cast deep shadows across your home.  My heart goes out to you in the tenderest sympathy.  May the God of all consolation be very near to you in this terrible trial"  In another letter written to Miss Aliced Hartley, the fiancee of Private Whittaker, the chaplain says: "The message written on one of the enclosed photos by the late Private. Whittaker explains my writing to you.  He wrote: If I go under will the finder of this write to Miss Alice Hartley".  Brave laddie, he was thinking of you though he himself was in great peril.  I am sending the two photos back to you because I know you will treasure them in memory of the brave lad you loved and who loved you in return.  I am deeply sorry for you.  This sad event will be a terrible disappointment and grief to you.  I think of your plans and hopes for the future when the war would be over, and your boy would have come back home again, but now all that is changed.  My heart goes out to you in the deepest sympathy.  The boy you loved has proved to be worth loving.  He has given up all, even life itself for the cause whose call he had heard and obeyed.  The memory of his heroic service will be a help and a comfort to you in the days to come and the God who is a very present help in the time of trouble, will be with you until the day breaks and the shadows flow away.

Newspaper Memorials:
In loving remembrance of Pte Moses Whittaker, who fell in action in the Battle of Somme, France, on the 8th day of July 1916.

The face we loved is now laid low,
His fond true heart is still;
The hand we clasped when we said Good-bye
Lies low in Death's cold chill.

His pleasant face and kindly ways,
Are pleasant to recall;
He had a loving world for all
And died beloved by all.

Far beyond this world of changes,
Far beyond this world of care,
We shall find our missing loved one
In our Father's mansion there

"A day of remembrance sad to recall"

From his loving Mother and John, 177 Blackburn Road.

In loving memory of Pte moses Whittaker, who was killed in the Somme Battle, July 8th, 1916.

It may be a soldier's honour
In his country's cause to fall,
But we cannot think of the glory,
For the pain it has caused its all.

We pictured his safe returning,
We longed to clasp his hand,
But God has postponed the meeting
Till we meet in the Better Lane.

From his sorrowing Sweetheart, Alice.

When alone in my sorrow and bitter tears flow,
There stealeth a dream of sweet long ago;
Unknown to the world they stand by my side
And whisper "Dear mother, death cannot divide".

Christ hath clasped the broken chain
Closer now they've met again.

Deeply mourned by Mrs. Hartley, 40 Clegg Street, Haslingden.

"Just three years ago I lost him,
How I miss him still;
Life is just a blank without him,
Yet I bow to God's sweet will.

Heavy is the cross I carry,
Victory won't be joy to me;
For the lad I loved so fondly
Lies buried far across the sea

Forgotton to the world by some he may be,
But dear to my memory he every will be.

From his loving Mother.

I shall know their voices in the heavenly throng,
Their feet on the stairs of gold,
I shall see the smile of their dear faces,
As I did in the days of old.

From his loving Mother, 177 Blackburn Road.

(HARTLEY) In loving remembrance of Alice Hartley, who died at Blackpool, July 10th 1918.  Also her loving sweetheart, Pte. Moses Whittaker who died in action on the Somme July 8th 1916.

"Weep not for us, the God of Love,
Hath claimed us for His own;
Fix all your thoughts and hopes above,
And meet us at the Throne.
The hours that I spent with thee
Were just a string of pearls to me

From Mother, 40 Clegg Street.

(HARTLEY) In fond and loving memory of Alice Hartley, 40, Clegg Street., Haslingden the beloved Sweetheart of Moses Whittaker, who departed this life July 10th 1916

"When days are dark and friends are few,
Dear Alice, how I think of you;
Flowers may whither, fade and die,
If others forget you, never will I.

Time changes many things,
But love and memory every clings
"Two of the best"

from Mother Whittaker

(HARTLEY) In fond and loving memory of my dear Daughter Alice, who departed this life on July 10th 1918.

"Mother, cease your weeping, angels round me smile,
We are only parted for a little while;
Mother, I am happy, though 'twas hard to part,
Still my spirit lingers round your aching heart.

From her loving Mother, Mrs. Hartley, 40 Clegg St, Haslingden.