Saturday, 25 April 2015

Reid, James - Trooper

(No soldier photo available)
18th. Regt. (5th. Loyals),
Reconnaissance Corps
Died 6 October 1943
Age 25

The 18th. Regiment, Reconnaissance Corps, was part of the 18th. Division which arrivec. in Singapore on 5 February 1942, just three days before the invading Japanese forces landed on Singapore Island. Together with other troops of the Division, they defended the main road from the village of Bukit Timah to Singapore. They fought to hold the Japanese advance until 15 February, when the British Commander capitulated to the Japanese. Thousands of British and Commonwealth troops passed into captivity. Trooper James Reid was later transferred to work on the railway from Burma (now Myanmar) to Siam (now Thailand) After some time he died as a result of malnutrition, disease and cruel treatment.

James was the son of John and Jane Reic. He was 25. He attended St.Mary's R.C. Church and School. He worked at Hirst's Slipper Works, Waterfoot. James joined the Loyal Regiment
(North Lancashire) in January 1940, and later transferred to the Reconnaissance Corps.

James is buried in Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand. Chungkai was a base camp for the railway and had a hospital and a church. James died in the hospital. There are 1,427 Commonwealth burials in the cemetery. James lies in Plot 2, Row H, Grave 5.