Saturday, 25 April 2015

Molloy, Thomas - Fusilier

"No soldier photo available"
1st. Bn. Royal. Scots Fusiliers
Died 27 November 1945
Age 25

The 1st. Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, ceased operations against the Japanese in Burma and moved to Dehra Dun, India, on 27 May 1945. (The Japanese surrendered on 13 August 1945). The Battalion remained in India and spent several months in Delhi on internal security duties. This was necessary because of the increase in disorder by many Indians in their demand for independence from British rule. Fusilier Thomas Molloy died during this period.

Thomas was the son of Michael and Katherine Molloy and the husband of Lily, whom he married in 1944. He was aged 25. Thomas attended St.Mary's R.C. Church and School and before he enlisted in 1940 he worked at Messrs. Turnbull and Stockdale's works at Stubbins. Shortly before his death his parents received a letter saying he was fit anc well.

Thomas lies in Delhi War Cemetery, India. The cemetery is some 11 kilometres from New Delhi. It was created in 1951 when graves in northern India were moved into the site to ensure their permanent maintenance. There are now 1,022 Commonwealth casualties of the 1939-1945 War buried or commemorated in the cemetery. Thomas' grave is in Plot 1, Row H, Grave 15.