Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lyons, Austin - Corporal

(No soldier photo available)
13th. Bn. Parachute Regiment
Died 19 August 1944
Age 23

On 15 August, the Battle of Normandy was regarded by the British High Command as over when the German forces trapped in the 'Falaise Pocket', surrendered or retreated. On 17 August, the 13th. Battalion, Parachute Regiment, was part of the advance from Falaise, moving towards the River Seine. Whilst the Battalion was advancing towards a defensive feature known as Hill 13, near the village of Putot-en-Auge, they had to wait in the open, under heavy fire, before crossing 1,000 yards of open terrain. They then moved at speed before the Germans realized the danger. As the paratroops reached the top of Hill 13, the Germans counter-attacked. They were beaten off but the paratroops sustained heavy losses. Corporal Austin Lyons lost his life at this time.

Austin was the only son of John and Emma Jane Lyons. He was 23. He attended St.Mary's Church and was a member of their football team. He was a bricklayer before he joined the Army. He landed in Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944.

Austin was laid to rest in Putot-en-Auge Communal Churchyard, France. Putot-en-Auge is 22 kilometres northeast of Caen. There are 32 Commonwealth burials in the cemetery. Austin lies in Row C, Grave 15.