Monday, 27 April 2015

Hobson, Kenneth - Trooper

(No soldier photo available)
59th. Training Regiment, 
Royal Armoured Corps
Died 9 October 1946
Age 18

Trooper Kenneth Hobson was one of a group of learner-drivers aboard a 15cwt. Army lorry when it collided with a civilian lorry on the West Aukland to Darlington road in County Durham. The Army vehicle was travelling downhill on a bend when it struck the civilian lorry coming up the hill. The Army vehicle continued down the hill for some yards before going through a hedge. It came to rest in a field after knocking down twenty yards of fencing. Two troopers were killed outright and Kenneth died later in Bishop Aukland Hospital.

Kenneth was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hobson. He was 18. He had one sister. Kenneth attended St.John's, Stonefold, Church and School. He was an active member of Haslingden Youth Club and the Weaver's Institute. He formerly worked at Messrs Luke Ralph's as a sheet-metal worker.

Kenneth's body was brought home and he was buried in St.John's, Stonefold, Churchyard on Monday 14 October. The Revd. J. Read conducted the burial service. Representatives of his regiment were in attendance. Kenneth lies in Grave Number 76.