Monday, 27 April 2015

Gudgeon, Benjamin - Private

(No soldier photo available)
1st. Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
Died 22 May 1944
Age 35

On 23 May the American VI Corps were to break out from the Anzio beach-head, south of Rome, and link up with other Allied forces. The Duke of Wellington's Regiment attacked the hamlet of Pantoni on 22 May to deceive the Germans concerning the direction of the main assault. Although their attack was pressed home with the utmost vigour, during which intense hand-tohand fighting took place, they could not gain their objective and had to dig in about 100 yards from the German lines. This proved untenable so they were forced to withdraw before dawn. Twelve men were killed and 74 were wounded or missing. It is believed Private Benjamin Gudgeon was wounded and died in the care of the Germans. In 1998 Benjamin's paybook was returned to his son when the Russians handed over British documents later captured by them from the Germans.

Benjamin was the son of Adam and Sarah Elizabeth Gudgeon. He was aged 35. He was the husband of Edith Mary. They had a son, Bryan. Benjamin attended St.James' Church. He was a butcher until he was called up on 2 February 1943

Benjamin was buried in Beach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Italy. The cemetery contains many bodies brought in from the surrounding battlefields. He lies in Plot 1, Row H, Grave 10.